Hair Care


We pride ourselves on having amazing, superior quality Brazilian hair. Our hair is to be treated as you would your own hair as it is 100% virgin hair from donors. 

Just like our natural hair, all hair sheds. However, shedding should never be excessive. We recommend, if cutting the wefts, that a sealant is used to avoid excessive shedding.

 It is also recommended that all extensions should be co-washed before install. Co-washing, is when using a mild conditioner and water on the hair and NOT shampoo. 

Deep condition your hair when need be, at least once every two weeks to keep hair moisturized, soft, and manageable. Always wash products out of hair fully, if not, hair may become dull and dry from leftover residue. Deep condition is essential when dying or bleaching the hair. Hair bleaching (lifting) requires extra moisture to make sure the hair remains healthy. We recommend getting the hair professionally bleached or dyed if you are unsure how to process hair. Harsh processing can cause damage, just like it would on your natural hair.  

Hair should be washed once per week or every other week. When washing hair, shampoo twice; use a shampoo that contains an oil for example: argan, keratin or moroccan oil.

o make your extensions long lasting brush hair gently and wrap before bed. If hair is curly braid hair, if bodywave, use bendable rods and cover with silk or satin sleep cap, bonnet, or scarf.

lways remember to treat extensions like it’s your own hair, brush and comb gently starting from ends working your way up keep pressure off weft.

 For any curly textures always co-wash hair with deep conditioner. While hair is still wet, apply curl unleashed cream or any curly cream, this will help stop frizz or over drying out of hair. Please remember to keep up with curly hair by wetting hair daily or spritzing hair with water and applying curly crème. The curlier the hair, the more maintenance, just like your natural hair.

or closures and frontals you must take special care.

The lace is very delicate, when plucked this can cause shedding due to knots getting untied. We recommend having plucking done professional if you are unsure of how to do this process.